fluid lamp



“Fluid lamp” is a table lamp with a simple and elegant design, with a classic style revisited in modern optics, made by two overlapping objects.
Both are made by blown borosilicate glass, handcrafted in Italy according to traditional techniques of glass processing.
In the basement there is an RGB led light bulb with remote control.
You can set the white light or a color light , you can adjust the light intensity or select one of the color-changing effects.
The body on the base collects the light that is enhanced by the liquid .
The combination of the various elements : water, glass, air and light, creates new and interesting visual sensations.
Fluid lamp is also suitable as an ornamental object, such as a flower vase or small aquarium; Combining water with air freshner liquid ( water-immiscible ) creates a milky suspension like a “cloud” that takes color with the light.
Fluid lamp find a natural positioning in living rooms or bedrooms, with modern or antique style .
Technical details:
Total size : d = 20 cm / h = 40 cm
Lighting: LED RGB with remote / 480 ln / multicolor or white
Power consumation: 5 W / h